The Choice of World Champions

SAMICK is a leading archery company since 1975.

We manufacture the full range of bows for beginners to top experts. We are dedicated to maximize our technical resources and knowledge to produce best quality products.

SAMICK products are well proven by archery champions throughout the world in records. SAMICK is the choice of champions and we invite you to the next level of archery.

SAMICK provides best products with best quality. We share passion for archery for top performance. Our professional staffs and high quality manufacturing system produces high performance products.

SAMICK’s high carbon technology provides archers for better speed, stability and smoothness. Our aluminum technology is best for strength and hardness. SAMICK’s stabilization system absorbs shocks and vibrations. Balancing all the technologies together in our bows, we bring you the best performance.

Histroy of SAMICK Archery Co., Ltd

1975. 04 Archery dept. start from SAMICK Piano
1977. 07 Export of archery start (Europe)
1985. 05 Progess-I Progress-II development and production
1990. 04 Company separated and established as SAMICK SPORTS Co., Ltd
1992. 07 Nominated by Korean authority as “Best sporting goods manufacturer”
   - 1996-2013 Attain medals in competitions with Samick archery products
   - 1996 Atlanta olympic gold medal (Kyung-Ok Kim, YongHo Jang)
1999. 07 Development and production of “ULTRA” riser and limbs
   - 2001 Beijing world championship gold medal (SungHyun Park), silver medal (Kyung-Ok Kim), Bronze medal (KyungMo Park)
2002. 05 SAMICK Limited Company in Quingtao, China
2004.11 Start of manufacturing factory in Quingtao, China
   - 2003 New York world championship gold medal (MeeJin Yoo), silver medal (SungHyun Park, DongHyun Lim)
   - 2004 Athens olympic gold medal (SungHyun Park, SungJin Lee, KyungMo Park, DongHyun Lim)
   - 2005 Madrid world championship men and women Gold Medal
   - 2007 Leipzig, German world championship gold medal (SungHyun Park, TeukYoung Lee, DongHyun Lim)
   - 2008 Beijing olympic gold medal (HyunJung Joo, OkHee Yoon, SungHyun Park, DongHyun Lim, KyungMo Park)
   - 2009 Ulsan, Korea world championship gold medal (HyunJung Joo, OkHee Yoon)
   - 2011 Torino, Italy world championship gold medal (WooJin Kim), bronze medal (BoBae Ki, Dasomi Jung)
   - 2012 London olympic gold medal (HyunJoo Choi)
   - 2013 Antalya, Turkey world championship gold medal (OkHee Yoon)
2016. 01 Succession of SAMICK Archery Co., Ltd factory, facilities, technical personnel, etc. (Buyout)
2017. 01 ATA show 2017 (Indianapolis, USA)
2017. 04 Korea sports development institute's product test verification completed (Riser, Limbs)
2017. 05 Participation of Shanghai China international sporting goods show (Sports promotion foundation nominated)
2017. 05 Designated as outstanding sporting good production company by Ministry of culture and tourism
2017. 06 Nominated as Gyung-Gi science promotion supporting business (New Product Development) supported for mold making
2017. 06 Release of Riser “IDEAL“
2017. 09 Indoor archery range and ProShop Open in Bucheon city, South Korea ; SAMICK ARCHERY LAB
2017. 10 Linkage of the Korea tourism organization, consultation on the business with domestic affairs council of the Guangdong province, China
2017. 10 Selection/participation as participant of SPOEX FALL 2017 (Hosted by the Korea sports promotion foundation)
2017. 11 European trademark registration (SAMICK SPORTS)
2017. 12 Certification of export frontiers in Gyeong-gi do, South Korea
2018. 01 ATA Show 2018 (Indianapolis, USA)
2018. 03 Registration of excellent sports equipment supplier (Public procurement service)
2018. 04 Selection of support projects for participating companies at individual foreign exhibitions (Korea sports promotion foundation)
2018. 12 USA trademark registration (Samick Sports / Samick Sage)
2019. 01 ATA Show 2019 (Louisville, Kentucky, USA)
2019. 04 Purchase and Organization of New Factory in South Korea

History of SAMICK