Congratulations on the purchase of your new Samick product.
We are excited to have you as a partner of Samick.
Enjoy shooting and have a great time while following all warnings and safety rules.
It is important to note that archery equipment, when not used properly, can create a dangerous situation, including death and serious personal injury for the archer or those around them.

Warranty : To obtain warranty, you should return to the Samick Distributor where you purchased your bow. Then the distributor can help and determine wheather Samick archery service is required or if the repair can be completed by the distributor.

Never shoot toward people, animals, buildings, roads or other objects behind or near your target. Never shoot straight up. Be absolutely sure of your target in low light conditions. Make sure that the backstop you use is large enough to catch a stray arrow and that it is thick enough that the arrow will not completely penetrate it. Make sure to position it in a safe direction away from people, animals, buildings and roads.

Carefully note the condition of the shooting string, limbs and riser before you shoot. Frayed bowstrings should be replaced. Damaged risers, limbs, etc. should be reported to your local dealer for inspection or replacement. USING A BOW WITH DAMAGED COMPONENTS MAY RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY AND FURTHER BOW DAMAGE.

Mishandles bow, arrow, or bowstring may result in serious injury or even death. Bows and arrows are NOT toys. Failure to follow instructions and safety warnings could result in serious or fatal injuries to the user or people nearby. Wear safety glasses when working on and shooting your bow. Cutting the shooting string can cause serious damage to your bow and possible injury to you or others. Do not draw the bow beyond its maximum draw length. Never point or aim a drawn bow at another person. An adult must always supervise children.

Firing a bow without an arrow can cause severe damage to your bow and possible injury to the shooter or others nearby. Let down the bow slowly and carefully from any drawn position. Never try drawing a bow that does not fit your size or strength.

Do not shoot an arrow weighing less than five grains for every pound of peak draw weight. Before shooting, inspect your arrows for damage. Discard cracked or dented shafts. Replace damaged or loose fletching and nock. Never shoot a damaged arrow. Shooting a damaged arrow can cause serious damage to your bow and or injure the shooter or others nearby.

SAMICK cannot be held responsible for injuries suffered or caused by misuse, unsafe or improper arrow and bow combinations. SAMICK cannot be held responsible for injuries sustained when using an altered, modified, or damaged SAMICK bows.